American Health Associates is a fully licensed and insured clinical reference laboratory founded in October of 1990. Our corporate headquarters and main testing facility is located in the Ft. Lauderdale area with additional locations throughout the southeastern United States. Our current client base is made up of physicians, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, community health clinics, skilled nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities.

Although we provide service to an array of healthcare entities, our true strength is in our knowledge of, and ability to, serve skilled facilities with the utmost quality and professionalism. We are one of the largest providers of laboratory services in the nursing home arena, serving over three hundred nursing facilities in the region. We have accomplished the task by employing our own phlebotomists and some of the most proficient, licensed technical staff in the industry.

Laboratory results are delivered to all clients via our new web-based suite of products that offers interactive capabilities to most office and facilities management systems.